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The ending, amazing.


I'm really digging the camera angles in this one but the story itself could have been made "longer." Given the time constraints though, totally understandable. My only suggestion concerns the part where SB is falling. I would have maybe included a slo-mo shot of him gliding/falling through the air.

Other'n that, fantastic!

idiot-monarch responds:

Thanks! Couldn't have been the same without your music :D

Regarding what you said about a falling scene, I was gonna include one, but I then realized that I didn't have the time, and I didn't know how to implement a scene like that in an interesting, non cliche way. Plus, I think it looks kinda striking as it is now.

Austin showed me this!!!

This is hella funny mang. I love this, you should totally make more. Digging your style too.

idiot-monarch responds:

as do i your style thank you

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This is fantastic.

This is one of the best games I have played. No instructions and yes, it even takes longer than a few seconds to figure out. Good luck getting to the kids with a short attention span. Bravo!!!

Something new.

This is like that game about the guy who keeps on agin as he progresses through the game and that's it. That's the entire game, kinda like how abstraction is the entire point of the game. I like how the graphics and the music are dynamically integrated. At first, I honestly thought, "Oh, no, here we go. Some rushed product by Tyler Glaiel and Michael Swain," and as I was playing the graphics were very dodgy and I was like, "really?" But then I kept playing and they got weirder and weirder which was awesome. Stylistically, I would have changed the text box but other than that, this game was rad.

You are going to get a lot of reviews...

This was fun little waste of time and I enjoyed it. I received a score of 43, I assume that it's a great score! Sequel, I demand. Thank you.

K-Guare responds:

I'll try my best to respond to every one of them,

and 43 is a pretty good score, good job ;]
Another sequel demand?
Another indecisive author :]
And thank YOU for reviewing :D

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Good stuff. My only gripe is, the piano needs to sound more natural. This is an emotional song. So I need to feel the emotion. And I'm not getting it with the tone of the piano. I hear it in the composition, sure, but not the tone.

LazyBucks responds:

Thanks I guess? I'll try out a different technique next time to try bring out the tone more.


This totally sounds like something Wes Borland would make/play in between Limp Bizkit sets... And that's saying a good thing! Keep it up dude.

Doumaaa responds:

haha cool

Uh oh!!!

It's lookin' like 2010 is the year for collaborations!!! Oh my..dA>D! Really digging this, nice and atmospheric-feeling. Hawywire is starting to get "up there!!!"

Duh, duh duh duh dah. duh duh duh dah, duh duh duh dah duh!

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